White Rook is proud to support our clients in achieving measurable outcomes and stabilizing their IT investments. 


Privately Held Drone Operations company

When the client landed a giant contract and needed to scale the IT infrastructure to serve the client, White Rook developed the solution for the client to capture and process LIDAR intensive data.



Major Learning Institution

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the client needed to expand their High Performance Compute infrastructure in support of University Research. White Rook delivered a solid performing and cost effective HPC solution for the University to continue it's critically funded research.

State Government

After the impact of devastating Hurricanes​, this State Government turned to White Rook to help develop it's Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations plans for the future, bolstered with new Cyber technology and Internet of Things (IoT) security.


Federal Agency

White Rook's expertise assisted the Agency in delivering new technology to their eDiscovery environment. When the Agency started looking at their future of High Performance Compute (HPC), White Rook introduced the most advanced HPC solution on the market which is currently being utilized to develop shared cost models for the Agency.


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